API Library


Clarifai has revolutionized the field of artificial intelligence by making their image recognition and machine learning platform available to developers of all sizes. Clarifai will be accessible via all api.live subscription plans.

Average Cost

13 tokens/call

AccuWeather has represented the cutting edge of weather data and forecasting technology for over 50 years. Our subscribers can now access AccuWeather’s global weather network for just one base call per actual API call.

Average Cost

1 token/call

The undisputed leader in communication API technology, Twilio powers millions of the world’s most popular mobile apps and websites. Sign-up for our beta to start integrating Twilio powered services into your projects.

Average Cost

75 tokens/call

Mailjet has been powering transactional e-mail services for the world’s top web publishers for close to a decade. Our service provides on-demand access to these same tools whenever you need them as part of your monthly allotment.

Average Cost

7 tokens/call

Stripe has made e-commerce accessible to developers and companies of all sizes with their powerful set of payment APIs and client SDKs. We’re building on this already powerful set of tools by offering complete Stripe integration to our customers for free.

Average Cost

0 tokens/call

Gengo has revolutionized communication with their advanced human translation platform. Rather than utilizing artificial intelligence to perform low-quality translations, Gengo’s API uses certified human translators to produce print-quality results. All paid api.live subscription plans will include free Gengo translation allotments, and additional words can be purchased for as low as $0.12 per word. Put your apps and websites in front of more users around the globe by localizing with Gengo and api.live!



per word

Additional APIs will be announced soon across the following categories:

– Storage
– User Authorization
– Translation
– Database Solutions
– Push Notifications
– Financial Data
– Sports Statistics
– Flight Data
…and more

Coming Soon

Be on the lookout for our full slate of launch partners in the next few weeks.